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Exercise your 1st Amendment rights to free speech.  Make a statement, take a stand.  Show your spirit and passion for something you love or love to do!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BE  PATRIOTIC   

Who is FlyOTR and what do they do?  Simply stated, FlyOTR is a company that sells a unique variety of 18" x 12" semi truck flags that attach to the lock rod pole on your trailers swing door.  We turn your vertical lock latch rod into a mobile flagpole.   Our flags are specifically designed for Owner/Operators and OTR drivers with custom quality trucks.  The flag and mounting hardware will not interfere with the opening/closing operations of your doors or latches.  Images provided by The Lock Rod Flag King.  Flyotr also sells Appreciation Stones.  

A custom and personalized truck flag is a great way to add character, precise identity and get your truck noticed.  Our high quality marine-grade USA made flags are designed for the outdoors and a unique group of individuals (the OTR club) that would like to express themselves out on the open road whether it be for the love of their country or a passion for something they love or love to do.  While you fly your flag to display your passion or creative expressions, you're making a statement by exercising your 1st amendment rights to free speech.  So make a statement, take a stand.  Show your pride and passion.  It's your right!

OTR Flags attach to the back of your trailer with a very simple mounting requiring no special tools.  Once attached, y

our flag will fly seamlessly in the slipstream and drafting zone position.  Made of durable materials and superior stainless steel fasteners, we designed these flags and fasteners to be easily mounted. 
Customization is key to having a beautiful looking truck because, after all, beauty without expression is boring.  When you show the world you are unique and different; you matter, make a difference and become important.  Fly OTR Flags are the perfect addition to your semi truck.  We're above the rest because we are different.  

The OTR club can choose for themselves but if you're a significant other or good friend looking for a great gift idea for someone special, we have plenty for you to choose from so check us out.  The flags can also be hung in the back window of any light duty truck or straight truck to be seen by oncoming traffic. is driven by its people, the spirit within and the American dream that still exists.  Because of these freedoms we have these rights.  So show off your pride, freedom and independence.  Come celebrate the human spirit! 


FASTENERS  -  Marine grade stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance to harsh environments, Self-locking Mechanism, Resists extreme temperatures, High resistance to acids and chemicals during pressure washing

After extensive simulated wind tunnel testing it has been determined that the flag will fly at its best on the lock rod pole at twelve inches down from the top of the trailer.  Your flag will fly steady and controlled in the drafting zone and slip-stream position, out of the heavy wind vortex that’s generated from the wheels, the sides of your trailer and undercarriage of your truck.  These harsh winds that occur in a “completely open” violent environment where high winds are present would rip and destroy your flag in no time, so your flag will last longer mounted here. Furthermore, the flag will also be well out of reach from theft. 

Installation - Some trailers are equipped with different size lock rod poles and the amount of poles.  It makes no difference what size you have or whether you have 2, 3 or 4 poles on your doors.  Your flag will fly its best on the first rod pole (right side swing door) closest the door opening.  All flags we sell are 18" x 12" and are the perfect size to fly and display.  Unlike a standard flagpole, the flags themselves cannot get wrapped or tangled around the halyard, pole or itself because the trailer doors are there to prevent it.  Attaching the flag is made quick and easy and can be done by standing on a dock plate with your doors closed or by using a stepladder from ground level.  If you have multiple marker lights across the top of your trailer, your flag will really light up at night!  FlyOTR flags and fasteners are not designed for roll-up doors or side door trailers.

Is it legal?  The state police and federal highway commission for commercial trucks division states it’s perfectly legal for you to exercise your first amendment rights and fly your flag as long as it's not obstructing the view of other drivers. In this top position, it's well out of anyone's way and the size of the flag makes it perfect.  


Here are a few COMMON WINNERS!                   Flag styles may vary.

Along with the United States flag, we offer flags for any state, country, territory as well as historical flags.  

Aargh!!  The Pirate Flag...another common winner!

We feature a customer favorite, the Harley Davidson motorcycle flag. 

School and pro sport team spirit!

You can't beat the Checkered Flag for guiding you to the Winner's Circle!!!!

Common winner from our International flags.

   All flags are $24.99  excluding Officially Licensed, SPECIAL ORDER and Custom Made flags.  They include shipping to anywhere in the continental United States!  


Email Us for current prices and availability on officially licensed, special order and custom made flags.



   US Flags, State, Territorial & Historical Flags of Our Country

   Flags of World Nations  /  International Flags.


   Officially Licensed Pro & College Sport Teams


   Pirate, Bandit Flags

   Motorcycle Flags, Harley (Special order / Custom with your name)  

   Racing Flags, Checkered Flags (NASCAR Special Order / Custom)

   Fun Flags -  Beer, Happy Hour, Recreational activities etc...

    Creative Interest  - Anything you want.  Your ideas, our design (Custom) 

    Armed Forces Flags (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)
   POW - MIA Flags etc... (Memorial & Remembrance)

      Expressions Of Support  (support our troops, etc.)
     Boat Flags, Fish Flags, Yacht Flags, U.S. Storm Signal Flags

     Slogans, Opinions and Political Statements (Custom)              
     Ribbons For A Cause (Awareness Flags / Special Order) 

   Scuba, Skin Diver Flags


   Personalized Trucking Company Names (Custom)


   Festive Holiday  /  Special Occasion Flags - (Special Order / Custom)


Large orders for fleet owners receive huge discounts


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